Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizza Grilling Stone
Pizza Grilling Stone

Onlyfire Ceramic Pizza Grilling Stone, 14" x 16"


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Cordierite Stone with Excellent Heat Resistance- Made of cordierite stone, which has super high temperature resistance (up to 2200℉) and robust stability, tolerates an implausible amount of heat.

onvection Baking To Enhance Tastes- Cordierite stone absorbs moisture from the pizza to make an evenly cooked, delectably crispy crust pizza with no soggy centers! It provides a heat-directing barrier between flame and pizza and retains the heat, allowing it to circulate around the food with airflow, creates a convection baking effect, prevents charring and burning, enhances the taste and tenderness of your food.

Exclusive Bottom Heat Spiral Achieve Sufficient & Perfect Baking- The exclusive heat spiral helps to heat your pizza stone faster and store the heat in the center. This means you’ll cook the toppings in the middle just as deeply and flavorful as the ones on the edges. Good for cooking ready-made frozen pizza as well.

Large Size Stone - Perfect Match For Oven, BBQ, Grill & Smoker- Measures 14" by 16", easily beating every round pizza stone or pizza pan, this baking stone has a bigger surface area, yet still fits all standard ovens, allows you to try out all your favorite recipes and bake bread, chicken tenders, shrimp, cookies and any other pastry to perfection.

Easy To Clean- Please do not wash it with dishwasher, rinse with water and clean with brush or cloth, never use soap or detergent as it may be absorbed and affect the taste of foods, Never season pizza stone with oil or grease. Suggest to use tinfoil, sprinkle flour or cornmealon the surface of the pizza stone when making pizza

  • 14"* 16" pizza stone*1

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  • SpeciMeasures 14" by 16"
  • Thickness: 1.1" (stone 0,75” + bottom feet spiral 0,35”)

Bottom Heat Spiral Design

The stone has super high temperature resistance (up to 2200℉)