Dining Cart Table
Dining Cart Table
Dining Cart Table
Dining Cart Table
Dining Cart Table

Onlyfire 9114 Dining Cart Table with XL Countertop and Storage Basket


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The movable dining cart is made of alloy steel and comes with a large sized stainless steel tabletop, which is sturdy and durable.

  • Two 360 degree freely rotating wheels with locks allow the car to easily move and secure in specific positions.
  • Add a propane tank hanger for carrying 20lbs gas cylinder. 4 side shelf hooks and 4 detachable hooks are enough for you to hang any tongs, grill forks, spatulas or cleaning brush.
  • 3 tiers allow classified storage with total capacity of 160 lbs. The stainless top's maximum capacity is 120 lbs, 10 pounds for side shelf and the max capacity of both lower basket is 22 pounds.

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Shipping time: 5-10 business days

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Parts Description

① 2* plastic wheels

② 2 Tiers Mesh Storage Baskets

③ 4*removable hooks

④ A propane tank hanger

⑤ 3 tiers allow classified storage

⑥ Paper Towel Rack

⑦ Side Shelf

Product Dimensions


Material: Alloy Steel

Top's maximum capacity: 160 lbs

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