outdoor wok burner
outdoor wok burner
outdoor wok burner
Outdoors Wok Burner
Outdoors Wok Burner
Outdoors Wok Burner

OnlyFire Grills GS301 Outdoors Wok Burner with Adjustable & Removable Legs


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Portable propane burner stove-The tripod consists of a steel frame with a black coating and is very stable. Ideal for woks, frying pans and smaller pots. For woks up to 38 cm in diameter and pots up to 36 quarts.

Adjustable and removable stove legs- Height-adjustable and removable legs make it not only a standing tripod burner, but also a table burner. Whether you want to set up a cooking rack outdoors or cook on an existing table or patio, you can use them as you wish.

Equipped with flame failure protection device- Equipped with flame failure protection device to protect the safety of users, once the flame is extinguished, the flame failure protection device will immediately cut off the gas supply to prevent gas leakage and prevent fire.

High Safety- use gas propane as fuel to achieve clean burning. Only use an advanced burner, fuel saving, high performance and fast heating.

Easy to Install and use- This propane stove package includes a durable 1.5m hose and special German pressure reducing valve. You just need to connect a standard 20lb propane tank then it's ready to go. Simple control button to make temperature control a breeze.

  • Fuel Type:Propane
  • Material:Cast Iron
  • Product Dimensions:15"L x 15"W x 29"H
  • Power Source:Gas Powered
  • Maximum Energy Output:65000 British Thermal Units
  • Item Weight:18 Pounds

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