Mimiuo Tisserie Gas Pizza Oven with Automatic Rotation System
Gas Pizza Oven
Gas Pizza Oven
Gas Pizza Oven
Gas Pizza Oven
Gas Pizza Oven

Mimiuo Tisserie Gas Pizza Oven with Automatic Rotation System


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Gas Pizza Oven with Automatic Rotating Stone

Exclusive patented technology, equipped with a fully automatic rotating pizza stone. Simply press the control button, the pizza oven can automatically bake pizza. This feature can better help pizza heat evenly, prevent burning, resulting in a perfectly crisp and delicious pizza crust. Free your hands!

Cook Pizza In 60 Seconds

After 15 minutes of preheating, the internal temperature of the mimiuo oven can reach 950 ° F (twice that of a normal domestic oven!), and authentic stone baked pizza can be cooked in just 60 seconds. This means you can prepare many pizzas in advance and bake them all in a few minutes.


Not only used for baking pizza, but also for roasting meat, veg, eggs, fish, etc. Paired with mimiuo cast iron sizzler pan, you can engage in more innovation and trial.

Easy to Install and Use

Assembles and installs in minutes with no tools. Fast and easy way to bake fresh/frozen pizza! The flame inside the oven is adjusted by a knob, making the operation very simple.

  • Dimension: 27" x 17" x 10"
  • Combustion method: propane gas
  • Pizza size: maximum 13 inches, recommended 12 inch
  • Gas oven*1
  • 13" Round pizza stone*1
  • 12" * 14" Foldable aluminum pizza peel*1

The cordierite pizza stone has super high-temperature resistance (up to 1400℉) and robust stability, which tolerates an implausible amount of heat

Processing time: 2 business days
Shipping time: 5-10 business days

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Gas Pizza Oven
Gas Pizza Oven

Double-wall Ceiling

Gas Pizza Oven

Huge Flame Intensity Control Knob

Gas Pizza Oven

Controllable Rotation System

Gas Pizza Oven