Tips On The Perfect End of Summer BBQ Party

We know everyone is a different type of summer BBQ party host and like to put their personal flair on the summer gathering. It is always so fun to plan out recipes, drinks, and décor that will provide the perfect ambiance for the shindig. After all, the final BBQ of the season should really be about enjoying great people, good food, (weather gods permitting) plenty of sunshine, and the starry night sky.

If you are thinking about gathering your own friends and family for some grilling and sipping. Here are the recipes, drinks, and DIYs we’ve tried out on our own family BBQ parties.

1. Go potluck-style For Your Summer BBQ Party.

BBQs are pretty casual, so we recommend sending out a short and sweet email invitation to all your friends, enticing them with the promise of grilled meats and cold drinks, and asking them to bring side dishes and drinks to share. There’s no shame in asking for help—in our experience, most people like to contribute what they can, even if it’s just a bag of chips and a six-pack.

2. Pick easy, classic recipes

At barbeques, it is important to enjoy yourself. We feel it is imperative to consciously limit your shopping list to five essential recipes that are summer BBQ classics, but each has a unique twist—either in flavor or presentation—so they taste like they took a lot of effort. Here are two of our favorites:

Grilled Corn on the Cob with Jalapeno-Lime Aioli
Who doesn’t love grilled corn on the cob? We’ll be kicking it up a notch with this delicious, slightly spicy recipe that includes two of my favorite things: jalapenos and plenty of cheese.

Tomato and Mozzarella Skewers with Basil Oil:
These are basically Caprese salads on a stick. Need we say more?

3. Pick Your Perfect Drinks.

A refreshing drink of iced tea or beer and BBQs go hand-in-hand, but a signature cocktail, too. June wine is a great option traditional drink for a summer party. To make your own June wine, you need borage stems and flowers, one gallon of dry, red wine, the juice from three limes, one cup of granulated

sugar, borage blossoms and slices of lime for garnishing. Steep the borage in the wine, lime juice, and sugar for 24 hours in the refrigerator. During the party, pour the wine over ice in a punch bowl or pitcher. Float borage flowers on top along with lime slices for a festive look.

4. Don’t forget the music.

There is no doubt that some songs are the very essence of summer. As long as the music makes you smile and dance, it should do the trick.

Remember, you know who will be at your party, and you know their music tastes.

5. Keep your set-up simple.

It’s a BBQ, so keep it simple. We suggest using minimal string lights and mini globe lights strung around your patio table umbrella. Don’t forget to put out a few picnic blankets on the lawn to supplement the seating, and bring out some tea lights in mason jars after sunset. Done and done.

Enjoy your summer and make sure to have fun outdoors before the cold come! We hope our easy tips for throwing a laid-back summer BBQ. Do you have any favorite decoration tips of your own? Share your wisdom in the comments!

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