Onlyfire Charcoal Ash Basket Guide

What is a Charcoal Ash Basket?

it consists of a sturdy metal mesh basket specifically crafted to contain and support charcoal while allowing ashes to flow freely.

The design's purpose is to ensure ample ventilation of the fire source, providing even heat distribution for more delicious results

Why Choose a Charcoal Ash Basket?

  • Uniform Heat Distribution

The design of the onlyfire Charcoal Ash Basket ensures the even distribution of charcoal during grilling, preventing significant temperature variations. This allows for better control over the cooking process and achieves the desired texture.

Charcoal Ash Basket


  • Enhanced Heat Efficiency
With charcoal effectively supported in the basket, combustion is more thorough, improving heat efficiency. This not only speeds up the cooking process but also conserves fuel.


  • Temperature Control and Heat Maintain

6pcs removable heat deflector sit around the basket, which creates a more concentrated heat zone for lower and less heat loss. Charcoals are burned more fully and evenly, results a best grilling performance. It also prevents the basket breakage during using.

How to Properly Use a Charcoal Ash Basket?

  • Proper Charcoal Loading

Fill the basket with an appropriate amount of charcoal, ensuring it is evenly distributed without being too dense or sparse.

  • Ensure Ventilation

The placement and angle of the basket can affect ventilation; adjust accordingly based on grilling needs.

  • Regular Ash Cleanup

While the Charcoal Ash Basket facilitates easy cleaning, periodic maintenance is still required to ensure optimal combustion.

Choosing and Maintaining Your Charcoal Ash Basket

The Charcoal Ash Basket is an indispensable tool for enhancing the barbecue experience. it will bring you tastier grilled food and a more convenient grilling process.

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