Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone
Pizza Baking Stone

Onlyfire Pizza Baking Stone 14 x 16 inch Large Non-Stick Pizza Pan


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  • Ultra Conductive Material with Excellent Heat Resistance: The baking stone's ultra conductive material will transfer a lot of heat quickly to your pizza. It's even more electrically conductive than a ceramic stone, and the delicious food is easily achieved due to extremely high heat transfer
  • Low Friction Surface: This pizza tray has a frosted texture and low friction features that make it easy to slide and conduct electricity, allowing you to make the perfect pizza
  • High Temperature Resistant Steel Pizza Stone : This pizza baking pan is made from solid steel and is coated in a smooth protective glaze. The strong thermal stability prevents the surface from cracking due to high temperature and ensures the service life of the steel pizza pan
  • Perfect Size-Match For Oven, BBQ, Grill: The 14" x 16" inch rectangular baking steel has a surface area large enough to fit in any standard oven on the market. pizza steel uses are not limited to making pizza but also the perfect tool for baking bread, fajitas, pancakes and more
  • Easy to Clean&Maintain: This 16 inch pizza stone has a smooth, matte texture and is not stain from grease or burnt crust. A simple wipe will give steel pizza stone a new look

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