Key Benefits

Grill Anything You Love Effortlessly

You can put your favorite foods in the rotisserie grill basket and even without flipping it yourself,  it will 360° rotate on its own to prevent any hot spots while cooking the food evenly and fully.

Only Fire Universal Rotisserie Grill Basket holds the foods securely in place and with its Teflon surface, the food won’t stick and burn while it rotates.

Set it up once and cook the food while you chill or enjoy such an outdoor dining experience.


Enjoy a Moist, Tender Yet Crispy Foods

The rotating basket evenly cooks your food without burning or charring it. It makes the food moist, tender and crispy minus the unhealthy fat when you fry the foods instead.


It Fits the Dishwasher

You can clean the basket conveniently as it fits the dishwasher perfectly.