Why&How to Season a Griddle (Guides)

Many griddle owners wonder what is the best way to season a griddle. And while it may seem overwhelming, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, seasoning a griddle is about as easy as cooking on it.

In this article, we’ll cover the hows and whys to Season a Griddle?

Why Season a Griddle?

It’s important to seasoned a griddle so that it is able to maintain an optimal, non-stick cooking surface. Seasoning will also prevent the griddle from forming uneven coloring or rust and will ensure a long life for your product.

How to Season Your Griddle 

Now that you know why to season your griddle, let’s learn how to properly season your griddle every time. You’ll just need:

  • Onlyfire griddle
  • High smoke point oil
  • Paper towels
  • Kitchen tongs or high temp grill glove/mitt

Step 1 :Soapy Cleanse

But before you sizzle some steaks, you’ve got to clean it up with soap. This is just to remove any dust or debris from manufacturing and shipping.

Fill a bucket with water and add a little dish soap. Gently pour the soapy water on the griddle and then rinse with clean water.

Step 2: Pre-heat for Griddle

Turn all of your griddle’s burners to high heat and leave them heating for around 10-12 minutes. You may notice your griddle’s surface starting to smoke. This is totally normal, so don’t panic!

Simply close the griddle’s lid and let it do its thing. Once the 12 minutes are up, open up your lid and drop the cooking temperature down to medium heat.

Step 3: Apply Oil

Next, select a food-safe cooking oil with a high smoke point. This is what you’re going to apply to the griddle’s cooking surface, so ensure that you’re choosing a food-safe oil that you trust. Use paper towels to spread the oil evenly on the surface. Use tongs or heat-resistant gloves(Griddle Accessories Kit)to avoid burning yourself.

we suggest:

  • Cultured oil
  • Avocado oil
  • Ghee
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Vegetable oil

Step 4:  Reapply Oil

Use paper towels to spread the oil evenly on the surface. Use tongs or heat-resistant gloves to avoid burning yourself. Make sure there aren't any thick oil puddles or dry spots. Use the paper towel as if you're trying to wipe all the oil off of the griddle surface.

Step 5:  Cool It Down

Once you’ve applied your necessary layers of seasoning, simply turn off the heat, close the lid, and wipe your brow. Boom – your griddle is seasoned and you’re done!

Step 6: Protect the griddle grill

Allow the flat top to cool completely. If you have a griddle cover, use it. Then place your Blackstone grill in a location with easy accessibility—no one wants a production before they start on their outdoor cooking.

How Do You Know When to Re-Season a Griddle?

To determine when it's time to re-season your griddle, pay attention to the appearance of the cooking surface. If you notice that food is starting to stick or that the surface has become discolored or rusty, it may be time to re-season.

You can also do a simple water test by sprinkling a few drops of water onto the surface. If the water beads up and dances across the surface, the seasoning layer is intact. If it sizzles and evaporates quickly, it's time to re-season.

Clean and Dry the Griddle Surface

Cleaning and drying surface is an essential part of maintaining its longevity and performance. Start by scraping off any food residue with a spatula or scraper while the griddle is still warm. Once the griddle has cooled down, wipe it with paper towels to remove any excess grease or debris.

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